Dylusions Ink Spray - White Linen

Dylusions by Dyan Reaveley


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The White Linen Dylusions Ink Spray is a high quality, acid-free, non-toxic concentrated colourant for porous surfaces. This is a bright white, pigment powder based ink that is opaque on most matte surfaces.

Designed to meet Dyan Reaveley's specifications for art journaling, these watersoluble, dye based inks are easily blendable and dry to a matte finish.

Once dry, the painted surface accepts all types of writing inks without clogging up the tips of most markers. Its recommended to wait at least 12 to 24 hours for inks to dry properly before writing or doodling over the top of any painted surface, whether watercolours or acrylic.

Use to create backgrounds on canvas, cards, scrapbook and journal pages, and in mixed media art projects. Perfect for use on dark surfaces too!

Dylusions water-soluble dye based ink is perfect for filling empty waterbrushes (sold separately) to make your own paint pens for colouring. The perfect way to take your favourite inks everywhere you go!

Be aware that Dylusions Inks will wash out and are not permanent. They remain watersoluble (water reactive) even after heat setting and being dry for long periods of time.

Always store your bottles of White Linen Dylusions Ink Spray on its side. This stops the powdered pigment from blocking the straw. Each time you use this ink spray you'll need to swirl (not shake as this causes bubbles) the bottle to remix the powder with the ink.

Please note : If your sprayer appears blocked, press and hold the sprayer down for up to 15 seconds to let out any air bubbles. If your nozzle is still blocked, it may have powder blocking the straw, in which case you'll need a new sprayer (sold separately). You can try leaving it inside a bowl of warm soapy water overnight and then pressing the nozzle again but apparently no amount of pressing will get the powder out of the straw. I always save my empties just in case :) Sing out if you need any help!

Designed to be used with Dylusions Mixed Media Paper (sold separately in a variety of sizes) but also works with most porous surfaces, paper, glossy cardstock, other mixed media paper, card and watercolour paper.

Acid free and non-toxic.
2 fluid ounces (59ml) bottle with a fine misting spray nozzle.

30 colours available. Also sold in sets of 3, 6 or 10.