Darkroom Door - Eclectic Stamp - Vinyl Record

Darkroom Door


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Vinyl Record - Eclectic Stamp ... Darkroom Door cling mounted rubber stamp. 1 (one) design, approx 60mm wide.

This wonderful music player is like a cd or dvd but completely different! This stamp is of the top view of a record with the word Telefunken on a vintage label.

For those who don't know about records... it is a round flat piece of vinyl (black plastic but sometimes we had colourful ones, once was bakerlite 78s) with grooves etched continuously around the circumference. It is used with a record player or gramophone where a fine sharp needle is gently placed upon the grooves - and just like magic, music or stories are heard from the speakers. Did you turn the page at the jingle of the bell too?

A fabulous stamp for use in art journaling, Project Life, scrapbooking and mixed media.

Rubber stamp mounted on cling foam. Rubber stamps are known for their durability and retain the highest image detail possible.

Size: 60mm x 60mm.

Instructions for use: Peel off white backing paper and place stamp onto a clear acrylic block of a similar size for stamping.

Designed by Rachel Greig. Made in Australia.