Gel Press - Gel Printing Plate - Rectangle Large 12x14

Gel Press


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Large 12x14 Rectangle Gel Printing Plate - Size is 12"x14" (30.4cm x 35.5cm) ... by Gel Press.

Gel Press Printing Plates are a versatile art tool that is used to print your own papers and fabrics for cardmaking, scrapbooking, journals, collage and mixed media using a simple monoprinting and layering technique.

Use your Gel Press Printing Plate (also called a Gel Plate) with a wide variety of paints, inks, mediums, stencils, masks and marking tools (brushes, spatulas, texture tools, ends of cardboard rolls, sponges, etc). You can create unique artwork and patterns on almost any surface.

When your prints are completely dry, use them for backgrounds, paper patchwork or applique, die cutting, tearing or cutting in collage and other papercraft, mixed media and visual arts techniques. Have fun!

This package contains ...
- 1 (one) large rectangular gel plate
... approx 12 inch x 14 inch (30.4cm x 35.5cm).
- plastic storage container (packaging)
- basic instructions for use

Basic instructions... 
- Place your Gel Plate on a smooth, non porous surface like a glass mat, tile or stamping block (clear acrylic block).
- Add drops of paint, ink or mediums to your gel plate.
- Smooth out the paint with a brayer or roller.
- Apply patterns and marks using stencils, masks and marking tools.
- Lay a sheet of paper onto the Gel Plate.
- Smooth out the sheet of paper with your hands.
- Lift the paper carefully up from the Gel Plate to pull the print.
- Smooth over another sheet of paper to pull off a ghost print.
- Repeat.
... No rules in art, follow your heart and enjoy every moment!

You can clean off most stains, paints and mediums with by either pulling more prints until the paint is all used, wiping off with paper towel or a wet sponge, or use a 'Gel Plate Conditioner' (sold separately).

Be aware that some dyes, paints and mediums may permanently stain the surface of the gel plate. Being stained does not affect how it works, its just a discolouration. Some stains may transfer onto future prints but most of the time it doesn't. Many artists love any stain left behind because it can add that extra something to the next print, making it even more unique.

Gel Press Printing Plates are best stored with their original packaging (between non-porous acetate sheets) to keep their work surface smooth, free of dust, marks and dents. Store at room temperature in a horizontal (flat) position to ensure it remains an even thickness. Look after your Gel Plate and it will last for years.