Gelli Arts Printing Plate - 12x14 inch - Extra Large - FREE Express Post

Gelli Arts


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The original and the best!

One FREE pack of 12"x14" fine parchment with each 12"x14" Gelli.

This is the largest size Gelli for creating unique and wonderful prints on paper, fabrics, shoes and whatever else you want to liven up with colour - not sharp things though as they may damage the Gelli.

Use the  amazing artwork as they are or add to other projects - mixed media or collage works.

Gelli Printing Plates are the bestest ever tool for creating unique handprinted designs using the monoprinting technique - no studio should be without one!

This is the largest Gelli plate in the range at 12 inch x 14 inch - an extra large size, big enough to create your own 12x12 scrapbooking backgrounds in one sheet. A fantastic size to get a print over the whole shoe or placemat in one go. This means no join marks in your off-the-page projects.

Need Christmas or Birthday paper? Use this huge Gelli to print your own :)

Gelli Arts Printing have made this modern non-perishable version of the traditional gelatine printing plate with the same sensitive surface. Manufactured from non-toxic materials.

Traditional, handmade gelatine plates needed to be refrigerated when not in use and the surface degraded over time despite careful cleaning.

Gelli Arts printing plates work with any waterbased acrylic ink or paint, but be aware that some dye-based products may permanently stain the surface. Being stained does not affect the printing unless printing with very pale colours after using dark colours straight afterwards (test first). But like most of us Gelli printing artists, any stain left behind can add that extra zing to the artwork. 

The Gelli Arts printing plate is quick to prepare, simple to use and easy to clean. All paints and inks should be cleaned from the surface with soap and water prior to storage. Gelli Arts plates should be stored in their original packaging (to keep dust and mark free) at room temperature.

Only use waterbased or water-soluble paints and inks with Gellies.