Gelli® Printing Plate by Gelli-Arts - 8x10 inch - Large

Gelli Arts


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This versatile Gel Printing Plate is suitable for most sized art and mixed media projects - 8"x10" is a fraction smaller than A4. 

Easy to use, quick cleanup and fun for all ages! The size 8"x10" works well with A4 paper as it gives you a paint-free edge to use for layering and hanging up to dry.

Have fun with colours and patterns by mono printing with a gel printing plate. Create wonderful prints easily and quickly. Use on paper, card, fabrics, medium sized canvases, mixed media artwork, collage, quilting, scrapbook pages, book covers and art journals. Cut up the prints or use whole. Its up to you :) Gelli printing is a perfect for everyone, whether crafty or not. Organise a social event for friends and introduce them to the wonders of colourful paint!

Gelli Printing Plates are the bestest ever tool for creating unique designs using the monoprinting technique - no studio should be without one! Great fun for kids and adults alike... schools, weekends, parties! Any excuse will work - simply get out the Gelli plate, paper and paints :)

Need wrapping paper? Want a particular colour of fabrics for aprons or quilts? Use this huge Gelli to print your own. To create washable printed fabric, simply add or use a fabric medium (sold separately).

No need for refrigeration - store at room temperature in the plastic storage case supplied (to protect from dust). Manufactured from non-toxic materials.

Use with water soluble products only - acrylic or watercolour, ink or paint.

The Gelli Arts printing plate is quick to prepare, simple to use and easy to clean. All paints and inks should be cleaned from the surface with soap and water prior to storage.

Some dye-based products may permanently stain the surface but this will not damaged the Gelli, just stain it.