Heidi Swapp Minc Reactive Foil Medium - Screen Ink - 1.7oz

Heidi Swapp

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Minc Reactive Screen Ink - 1.7 fl oz of buttery opaque medium ... by Heidi Swapp.

Create beautiful foiled works of art using the Minc Foil Reactive Mist Spray with heat reactive foils and the Minc Heating Machine by Heidi Swapp!

Apply a thin layer of this medium over open Art Screen designs (eg, for screen printing and foiling onto tshirts or fabrics) which sticks to the surface to be foiled under it, allow the medium to dry. Place a piece of reactive foil and run through a Minc machine. The foil will adhere to the medium leaving a beautiful shiny design.

Add Minc metallic embellishments to any project to make them stand out. Great for mixed media, journaling, scrapbooks, cards, calendars, planners and so much more.

How to use ...
- Use with screen printing (art screens), squeegees, spatulas and palette knives, brayers or rollers, brushes and any other stencils.
- Allow all the mediums to be fully dry (cured) before applying foils.
- Place a sheet of foil, shiny side up, to your dried Reactive Mist medium.
- Run through your Minc Machine (sold separately) and peel off the foil to see the results.

Always ...
- Work on a protected area (craft mat or scrap paper).
- Let any mediums cure / dry before foiling through the heating tool.
- Clean all stamps, stencils and tools after use before mediums dry.
- Wipe the nozzle clean after every use with a damp cloth (not tissue).

Experiment, be creative and most of all, have fun!
- non toxic
- dries smooth and white (opaque)
- permanent and flexible when dry
- made by American Crafts

In the box ... 1 tube of Heidi Swapp Minc Reactive Screen Ink Medium, 1.7 fl oz or 50ml.