iCraft Mixed Media Gel Adhesive - 2oz Bottle - Fine Tip



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Mixed Media Gel Adhesive ... 2.1 fl oz multi-purpose glue in an easy to squeeze bottle with a fine tipped nozzle. Permanent, flexible, dries clear - by iCraft, Thermoweb.

The iCraft Mixed Media Adhesive bonds any porous to porous, or porous to non-porous surface.

Porous things are materials, papers, chipboard, wood, mdf, yarns and threads. Non-porous are things like glass, crystals, beads, glitter, metal, plastic, acetate, vellum and stone.

This glue goes on white, semi translucent but dries matte, clear and permanent. You can hardly see where it is once dried.

To use, apply a thin line or dots of glue to your surface or project. use light pressure to press the materials together. If needed, hold or secure in place (eg, with pegs, removable tape, paperclips) until glue is set (time varies). For best results, allow to dry for 24 to 48 hours after it is set.

Just like all glues, test somewhere on your project where it won't be noticed or make a sample to test. Some glues may change colours of some inks (but they all vary, so test first).

Always clean off brushes and tools before the Mixed Media Adhesive is dry.

- Dries permanent and clear
- Multi purpose glue
- Gel medium consistency
- Flexible once dry
- Non toxic
- Bonds porous to porous, or porous to non-porous.
... paper, card, fabrics, textiles are porous.
... acetate, vellum, glass beads, metal fasteners are non-porous.

Contains : 2.1 fl oz (61 ml) - has a fine tipped nozzle.
Bottle is approx 5 1/2" high including the clear lid.