iCraft Purple Tape - Removable - 1.5in wide - 35mm wide - 15yd Roll



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iCraft Purple Tape by Thermoweb - 1.5" (one and a half inch, 1 1/2", approx 35mm) wide - 15yd long roll. Temporary, easy release, removable, masking tape.

Purple tape is a must-have item in any craft room! This simple to use, easy to removable tape has a very low tack and does not leave any adhesive residue behind. It means, when using this Purple Tape to hold down die templates, stencils and ephemera, it peels away without tearing paper surfaces. To remove, pull back tape slowly. 

The popular tape has new look - still purple but now has a pretty floral design and a lower tack (less sticky than before). Use scissors or tear the tape into strips or sections of whatever size you need.

Purple Removable Tape is ideal for all artists and crafters, scrapbookers and journalers, anyone who uses die cutting machines (manual and electronic), stencils, using masking while painting (for straight lines or keeping areas unpainted. Also quite handy to use for holding down embellishments while they dry (sometimes they keep moving about until the glue holds).

Pack contains one 1.5" wide (approx 35mm) in a long 15 yard roll (approx 13.5 metres).