Jane Davenport Squid InkPad - All 12 Hybrid Colours

Jane Davenport

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All 12 Ink Pads ... Squid Ink is a fabulous multi-surface ink for arts and crafts. It has a felt raised pad inside an easy to hold, unique shaped housing. It is stackable, labeled on the edge and has a snug lid that doesn't fall off - by Jane Davenport.

The inkpads all have black plastic surrounds, not white as pictured!

There are 12 in this bundle - 10 of Jane's signature colours perfect for mermaids, maidens and under the sea artworks, plus the 2 beautiful metallics, gold and silver.

This practical all-purpose craft ink is ready for stamping in all your cardmaking and mixed media projects. Use with both watercolours, spray inks and other water soluble mediums as well as solvent markers and alcohol inks!

Stamp on almost any surface including washi tape, serviettes, tissue, cardstock, fabric and glass (heat set on non-porous surface).

Use a blending foam to apply this ink through a face stencil or pat onto clear or rubber stamps to print. Then use your other skin coloured pencils, inks and paints to finish your masterpiece. Using a pink or brown toned ink to create the outlines means they'll become part of the picture, rather than have them look out of place.

Squid Inks are housed in a unique mermaid scale shaped case with a raised ink pad on a felt base. The housing is beautiful in shape and ergonomic to hold and use. Each inkpad has its colour and name on the edge, so when stored in a stack, you can easily see which one is which. The lid fits snugly to the base and has a small indent on the outer curve to help open the case.

Sizes (approx) : Outer casing is 8cm x 10cm wide, 1.5cm deep.
Inside felt surface is also a curved shaped, 5.5cm x 7.5cm wide.

All the colours in this bundle are :
Scallop Shell (dark pink)
Sea Anemone (violet purple)
Blue Marlin (sea blue)
Mermaid Eyes (seagreen)
Sunburnt (pink)
Sun Kissed (dark fleshtone)
Suntan (medium brown)
Sandy Toes (light fleshtone)
Cave Black
Beluga White
Gold Bullion (metallic)
Silver Trinket (metallic)

Gold Bullion and  Silver Trinket Important Info ...
This has a special metallic formulation that requires the ink to be added to the blank ink pad before use.
- Shake refill bottle vigorously to ensure all pigments and inks are mixed for an even coverage.
- Apply a small amount of ink to empty ink pad. You'll know when you've used enough because it will sit on top of the felt/foam pad or leak out the sides into the tray (no drama, it doesn't leak out of the container).
- Once the initial ink you've applied soaks in (only takes a second), rub gently into pad in a circular motion to encourage the ink to cover the felt / foam pad evenly.
- As you use the ink pad, it will even out as well.
Store pad upside down for best results (the ink may settle, as its a heavy metallic base).
- Refill as required.

For longer lasting results, store Hybrid ink pads in a resealable plastic bag or air-tight container. I store all my inkpads upside down in a drawer. It seems to keep the ink at the top of the foam and felt, where its most useful.

This bundle includes 12 inkpads and 2 reinkers for the metallic inks.