Jane Davenport - Finishing Line Pens - 10 Black Markers - Assorted Nibs

Jane Davenport


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Finishing Line Pens - 10 (ten) Black Felt Tipped Markers (all different nibs) ... by Jane Davenport. 

Draw, scribble, doodle and mark to your heart's delight with these 10 Jane Davenport expressive arty pens.

With 10 different nibs to choose from, these waterbased pens will draw lines from very fine (micro 1 and micro 2) through to the very thick (chisel 3 and superbrush).

- Micro 1 and 2 give very thin even lines. Great for tiny artwork, fine details and etching style drawings.
- Chisel 1, 2 and 3 give thick and thin lines of varying widths. Great for writing, lettering and calligraphy.
- Brush 1, 2, 3 and 4 have a soft brush shaped nib to create soft fluid lines with the widths made, dependant upon how you hold and use the pens. Great for adding definition and thicker marks to the detailed work.
- Superbrush is a soft, brush shaped nib that gives contrasting very thick and thin lines, dependant upon how you hold and use the pen. Fantastic for lettering, calligraphy, adding linework and drawing.


Will write over dried acrylic paint and collage artwork. Permanent on paper and cardstock surfaces.

- Waterproof
- Fade proof
- Fast drying
- Non toxic
- Store horizontally.

This 2.75x6.25x1.25 inch package contains 10 pens with black ink - two micro tip pens, three chisel tip pens, four brush tip pens and one super brush tip pen.