Jane Davenport GlitzSea Sparkle Markers - Cool Oceans - 5 Pens

Jane Davenport


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Warm Seas ... Glitz-Sea Sparkle Markers by Jane Davenport Mixed Media

Set of 5 (five) colourful sparkly markers designed by Jane Davenport who brings the world "The Institute of Cute".

Ready to go, these glittery paint pens are perfect for beginners as well as professionals.

You can use them to paint, colour, draw, write and decorate your diaries, journals, scrapbooks, cards or other papercraft projects.

This set contains 5 (five) sparkly and metallic colours:
- Arctic Ocean (silver)
- Southern Ocean (purple)
- Atlantic Ocean (dark blue)
- Pacific Ocean (light blue)
- Indian Ocean (green)

Store markers on their sides or tip down (with the lid on) in your favourite jar, mug or tin and Enjoy :)