Jane Davenport - Snow Queen Paint Pens - Black and White - 4 Pens

Jane Davenport


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Storytime Snow Queen Paint Pen Set - 4 (four) Paint Pens - 2 black and 2 white (each with 1 fine and 1 thick) ... by Jane Davenport. 

Acrylic Paint in a Pen! Draw, scribble, doodle and mark to your heart's delight with these 4 paint pens filled with Jane Davenport acrylic paint.

Add crisp bold lines in either black or white paint to your artwork.

These paint pens are waterproof and fade-proof once dry, with a water-based forumla that writes on most surfaces. The paint has an opaque (solid) matte (not shiny!) finish.

4 (four) pens in the pack ... 2 black and 2 white. Each colour is in 2 sizes, fine tipped and broad tipped.

How to use paint pens...
- shake well before use.
- press the tip down until the paint begins to flow.
- recap after use.
- store pens horizontally.

Will write over dried acrylic paint and is permanent on paper and cardstock surfaces.