Karin Decobrush Pigment Brush Marker - Black - 1 Pen

Karin Decobrush


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Black - Decobrush Pigment Marker by Karin ... 1 (one) brush-tip marker filled with opaque acrylic ink. 

Karin DecoBrush Pigment markers feature a brush shaped nib which requires zero pumping or priming for paint flow. Just shake and write, draw, paint, colour, make a mark!

Perfect for all kinds of surfaces including over dried paint - and stone, rocks, glass, plastic, wood, metal, and of course, paper, cardstock and chipboard. Colours can be combined and have lightened and tonal transitions achieved by contacting the tips of the markers or mix directly on the painted surface or a paint palette.

Each DecoBrush Pigment marker contains 2.4ml of non-toxic organic pigment-based paint. All Karin markers are created using 'liquid ink' technology, ensuring ink consumption of 100%. After drying, they are lightfast, permanent and opaque.

Also works on veggie garden plot labels, canvas, shoes and golf balls. My Dad tested them and it lasted without fading or scratching off for 2 rounds of golf, 18 holes each round, hit multiple times for each hole - other permanent markers lasted a few holes, so he's pretty pleased to have found a marker to write his name his golf gear.

All Karin Pigment Markers must be stored horizontally.
- If they're stored nib downwards in a jar, they may leak into the lid, and if upwards the nib will dry out.
- If the nib dries out before the marker is empty, simply dip the tip in water and swish it about for a second, then put the lid back on and store the pen lid-down for a little while, 5 minutes or up to 30-40 minutes or until you're sick of waiting and want to draw (length of time depends how long it has been stored upright).

- Opaque colour system
- Acrylic permanent ink
- Flexible brush nib / tip
- Waterbased (washable until dry)
- Non toxic
- Easy colour blending

Decobrush Pigment Brush Markers are also available in 84 colours in sets including metallic, all sold separately. Talk to us if you're interested (only takes 1-2 weeks for arrival in Australia). 

Package is 1 (one) Black Pigment Marker with large flexible brush tip.