Kelly Creates - Fineliner Set - Multicolour - 10 Pens

Kelly Creates


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Multicolour Fineliner Pens, Set of 10 - Fine Tip Markers (size 05) ... by Kelly Creates.

Kelly Klapstein's colourful Fineliner pens are ideal for using to write, draw, doodle, create faux brush lettering, calligraphy details and cursive writing.

These Fineliners are perfect for journaling, letter writing and fine details! Each pen features a fine monoweight tip in the size "05", which is approx .5mm ... a fine line weight.
Colours are blue, sky blue, dark green, grass green, golden yellow, orange, red, fuchsia, magenta, grey.

Hand lettering is a wonderful way to add style to your handwriting projects, invitations, cards, journaling and note taking - not all notes need to be scribbled! Hand lettering with markers, watercolour paints and inks is a fresh take on calligraphy. Don't forget, for best results, write s-l-o-w-l-y!

Learn how to do brush lettering with Kelly using her easy to understand interactive workbooks (also available, sold separately). 

Pack contains ... 10 fine tipped pens, size 05 (one of each colour).

Store pens with nib / lid down or horizontally.