Liquitex Basics Paint Brush Set - 6 White Nylon Brushes



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This set of 6 high quality, silver short-handled, white nylon brushes by Liquitex are excellent for acrylic paint and mixed media.

These short-handled white nylon brushes are durable, easy to clean and hold ample amounts of colour. Their medium-soft bristles provide the ideal responsiveness for soft-bodied to medium-bodied acrylics making them great for everyone - students, amateurs or professionals.

Experiment and have fun with inks, paints, stains, powders (mica, Perfect Pearl, watercolour or pigments) and more!

Cleaning up is simple - wash gently with soap and water. Avoid leaving brushes in water for too long as it may damage the shape of the brush.

This set includes 6 brushes:
- size 1 round
- size 2 flat
- size 3 bright
- size 4 round
- size 4 fan
- size 6 bright

About the brushes:
Round Brush... excellent for control and accuracy.
Flat Brush ... gives greater spring than the Bright.
Bright Brush ... short flat bristles for delicate applications.
Fan Brush ... ideal for delicate blending.
-  the fan is perfect painting rainbows (using multiple colours at once), leaves, flowers, texture, butterflies, fish and so much more!

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