Liquitex Free-Style Paddle Paint Brush - 2 Inch Wide



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Top of the line, professional quality, synthetic filament Paddle Brush by Liquitex. Features a non-slip matte finish handle and stainless steel rust-free ferrule.

The bristles are very fine for a smooth finish making it great to use for backgrounds, gesso, sealer and also fine detail work using the edge of the brush.

Shorter length of bristles out of ferrule allows for easy movement thick color and mediums.

A few techniques and applications are...
- Backgrounds and abstract
- Large surface coverage
- Move thick mediums
- Spreading thick colour
- Blending and blurring

Freestyle Large Scale Brushes meet the expanding needs of acrylic artists working in grandiose scales. Large, comfortable non-slip matte finished handles crafted from the highest quality wood have been paired with top-of-the-line synthetic bristle heads; resulting in artist quality brushes that offer excellent durability in large scaled applications that require rugged tools.

Includes a reusable pouch to keep your brush protected when not in use.

Paddle size: 2 inch (5cm) wide