Liquitex Gesso Surface Preparation - White - 8oz 237ml - Back Soon



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White Liquid Gesso by Liquitex ... Surface preparation medium for acrylic and oil paints, pastels and mixed media.

This classic professional white sealer and ground is for absorbent surfaces, such as canvas, paper, chipboard, wood, plaster and brick.

It has a fluid texture, matte sheen and opaque finish.

Provides the proper surface sizing, tooth and absorbency for acrylic and oil paints. One coat is generally enough but two coats are recommended for under oil paints for good coverage.

Gesso seals, stiffens and proviles a surface "tooth" for painting surfaces.

Permanent, non-yellowing, flexible and water resistant when dry.

Apply to raw canvas, hardboard, paper, wood, and other non-oily porous surfaces with a brush, spatula or sponge. Its recommended to lightly sand hard, shiny surfaces before applying.

Allow 24 hours minimum drying time before use.

Being a waterbased medium, it can be watered down for a thinner finish (up to 25% with water; use a 50/50 mix of water and matte medium if diluting more than 25%). Its able to be tinted with acrylic colours but not to be mixed with oil paints.

Cleans up with soap and water before it dries.
Acid free and non-toxic.

The 14cm tall bottle holds 237ml (8oz) of white gesso.