Magnani Acquerello Watercolour Paper - Portofino - Hot Press Smooth 16cm - 20 Round Sheets

Magnani 1404


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Portofino Round Watercolor Paper ... by Magnani 1404 - Hot Press, Smooth White Paper, Circular Block 6.3" x 6.3" (16cm x 16cm) in size - 20 Sheets.

Portofino, a beautiful smooth circular surface - by Magnani and made in Italy using mouldmade paper of 100% cotton. Each round block has 20 sheets, gummed around the edge leaving a gap large enough for a spatula or knife to split each sheet off the block.

Create art with a difference ... why be square or rectangular when you can be Round! Perfect for painting with watercolours, acrylic paints and gouache, watersoluble crayons, aquarelle and regular pencils, stamping, pen and ink, mixed media and collage, drawing and sketching. 

Round Paper gives you such a unique art journal shape too ... just fold in half and stitch or tie along the centre. Cut in half to create 2 mini journals that are enough to post and strong enough to withstand everything we throw at our journals!

The Acquerello range was created by Magnani specifically with wet media application in mind, however it differs from its counterpart watercolor papers (it is not as hard and stiff to the touch). The paper is not heavily sized, therefore it does not require long soaking times.

This hot press paper (Portofino) is perfect for various applications including graphite, coloured and watercolour pencil, crayon, pastel, charcoal, tempura and acrylic. It has also found its way into printmaking being suitable for both etching and intaglio. It is also perfect for pen and ink, calligraphy, pencil and silkscreen. Magnani watercolor paper provides the artist with unlimited versatility for multiple mediums.

Magnani's unique round block is a first of its kind in the art market redefining the normal boundaries of watercolour painting. Creating within a circular format enhances a person's perspective, inviting new ways to compose a work of art. A finished circular piece framed within a square boundary plays elegantly off the two shapes.

Pack contains : 1 (one) round pad or block of 16cm wide Portofino paper with complimenting stylish travel or storage bag.

Unique Paper with High Qualities...
- 20 Sheets
- Hot Press Paper
- Heavyweight, Smooth Finish
- Mouldmade in Italy
- 100% Cotton
- 300gsm, 140lb
- Neutral pH
- Acid Free and Chlorine Free
- Each piece is made of 4 deckles (sheets)
- Round Sheet Size is 16cm or 6.3 inch across the diameter
- Internally and externally sized for watercolor

Specialty Paper for all kinds of visual arts...
- Pastel
- Charcoal
- Hand Lithography
- Intaglio
- Platinum Printing
- Silkscreen
- Watercolour
- Gel Plate Printing
- Mixed Media
- Collage
- Drawing, Stamping and Doodling
... and other visual arts and papercrafts creativity.

Magnani 1404 Acquerello Paper by Legion Paper Co. Made in Italy.