Dina Wakley Mixed Media Board - Large 9x12 - 3 Pack

Dina Wakley


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Dina Wakley media board is an ideal mixed media surface for creating art. Use with paints, mediums, gesso, stamps, markers, pastel, chalk, stencils and texture paste... just about any art product at all :)

Made of primed white canvas mounted to heavyweight chipboard with a smooth white backing, Media Board accepts a variety of paint, ink and art mediums.

Use with heavy body acrylic paints, fluid paints, mediums, gesso, stamps, sgtencils, texture and embossing pastes, acrylic inks and watercolours.

A set of 3 large art boards to use in fine art, visual arts, mixed media, create then frame and hang, make handmade journals and use as book covers.

This package contains 3 boards 9" x12" (230mm x 305mm) in size. Approx 2mm thick.