Mica Tiles - by USArtQuest - Large Sheets



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Mica Tiles ... by USArtQuest. Large sheets of 100% mica in various sizes (average 6"x8").

Mica Tiles® are unique in colour with distinctive variations and markings on each and every sheet - because it is a natural product. 

Transparent sheets of mica are ideal for vintage windows in cards and art, home decor projects, jewellery making, stamping, scrapbooking, collage, mixed media and all kinds of visual arts. 

Mica sheets can be cut with scissors, die cut, trimmed with a craft knife or rotory cutter. Adhere to virtually any surface using a clear adhesive or pressure sensitive tape. 

To create holes, use a punch, eyelet setting tool, drill, engraver (like a Dremel) or a simple hammer and nail.

It can be split into thinner layers (delaminated) to get even thinner sheets. To do this, use craft knife to carefully lift off the top most layer of mica and gently peel it away from the main sheet. The thinner the layer becomes, the clearer in colour it gets.

- 100% natural
- Heat resistant
- Multi-layered
- Transparent
- Has a brown tint that is lighter as the layers get thinner
- Acid free
- Archival quality

More ideas and techniques on the back of the pack.

Mica Tiles by USArtQuest ... large pack. Content varies, sheets are an average of 6"x8" in size. Sold by weight, approx 73 grams packed.