Mona Lisa Metal Leaf - Adhesive Pen with Silver Simple Leaf

Speedball Art Products


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Adhesive Pen - 1 (one) glue pen with 6 (six) sheets of silver coloured Simple Leaf (TM) - by Mona Lisa Metal Leaf and Speedball Art Products.

The Mona Lisa Metal Leaf Adhesive Pen makes it easy to apply metal leaf to fine details, signatures, calligraphy, lace designs and more. The acid free glue pen features a medium bullet point that can be flipped to use a chisel point.

This pack also includes 6 (six) sheets of Simple Leaf, imitation silver leaf (100% aluminium). Silver Simple Leaf looks similar to imitation Sterling Silver Leaf and is used in the same manner as genuine leaf. Each sheet is 5.5" x 2.75".

Ideal for arts and crafts, decoupage, papercrafts, mixed media, scrapbooking, home decor, framing and other visual arts where you wish to add a touch of silver leaf. Mona Lisa Metal Leaf metal leafing techniques can help you achieve beautiful and unique artistic finishes, to embellish, restore and create on a variety of surfaces.

Speedball's Mona Lisa Simple Leaf is a thin, flexible sheet of metal leaf adhered to a wax transfer film, making it easy to use just the amount you need. Only the leaf that is in contact with the adhesive will transfer to your surface, the rest remains on the transfer film. 

How to use the Adhesive Pen ...
- Shake well before each use.
- To prime the pen (get it initially started), press nib down lightly until adhesive starts to flow.
- Replace cap after each use.
- Store upright (vertical with the lid up).

Applying Leaf Sheets or Flakes ...
- Once the adhesive size is flowing, draw, colour, write, doodle lines and make marks on your surface.
- Let the adhesive rest until clear (10-15 minutes) then layer over a fine sheet of Simple Leaf. This adhesive pen also works with composition leaf, genuine leaf and leaf flakes.
- Press the sheet of leaf down gently but firmly to your adhesive and carefully peel back the sheet.
- Using a dry firm (but soft) paintbrush, push the leaf firmly onto the size catching any loose flakes (and you can push these into place too). 
- This ensures the leaf sticks everywhere you wish it to stay. Press on the sheet of Simple Leaf again if you've missed anywhere.
- Dust off any excess leaf with the paintbrush and store in a dry jar for next time (now you have a jar of leaf flakes, useful for very small projects or where you wish to create with a variegated colourway).
- Wash brushes and tools in soap and water before the glue dries.

Contents of Pack ...
- 1 (one) adhesive pen.
- 6 (six) sheets of Simple Leaf(TM) in Silver (5.5" x 2.75").
- Basic instructions on back of pack.

Mona Lisa Metal Leaf Adhesive Pen is also available with Gold coloured Simple Leaf(TM) (sold separately).