Mona Lisa Metal Leaf - Starter Kit with 6 Gold Leaves

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Metal Leaf Starter Kit - 6 (six) leaves (sheets of gold leaf), instructions and 4 (four) jars of Red Basecoat, Adhesive size, Antiquing Glaze and Sealer (1 of each). Each jar is 7.4ml (.25 fl oz) ... Speedball Art Products.

New to gilding? This Mona Lisa Metal Leaf Gilding Kit has everything you need to get started.

These very fine metal sheets of imitation 23 karat gold leaf (copper and zinc alloy composition) are a wonderful way to embellish surfaces for a gilded finish. Ideal for arts and crafts, decoupage, papercrafts, mixed media, scrapbooking, home decor, framing and other visual arts.

Perfect for creating with traditional gilding techniques, framing, gilding sculptures, adding to homemade paper, including in resins for jewellery, giftware and homewares, using the leftovers for smaller projects or adding into shaker domes and cards for an extra bit of shimmer.

Mona Lisa metal leafing techniques and products by Speedball can help you achieve beautiful and unique artistic finishes. Perfect to embellish, restore and create on a variety of surfaces.

Detailed instructions on how to use Mona Lisa Gold Leaf and the accompanying mediums (red basecoat, adhesive size, antiquing glaze, sealer) are included.

How To ...
1. basecoat - 2. adhesive size - 3. lay on the metal leaf - 4. use sealer.

Red Basecoat : adds a deep red luster to metal leaf projects while sealing the project prior to leafing. This water-based basecoat cleans up easily with soap and water.
: water-based adhesive size is a glue for metal leaf, metal flakes and Mona Lisa's Simple Leaf(TM). Washes up easily with soap and water.
Antiquing Glaze : this water-based glaze is specifically formulated for metal leafing and creates a deep umber hue that gives projects an aged look.
Sealer : a clear finish to seal your finished piece. Keeps the colours bright and helps stop the metal from tarnishing. Gold composition (85% copper, 15% zinc) is an alloy and must be sealed to prevent oxidising from long air exposure.

There's more to it than the following, but here's the very basics ...
Paint on the basecoat, apply the adhesive and gently layer the fine sheet of metal leaf. Pat or press down gently to encourage adhesion. Using a firm but soft dry brush (ie, any acrylic paintbrush) to press the metal sheet. Then use the same dry brush to remove the excess. Apply the antiquing glaze (if you wish). Seal to keep colours golden.
Being real metal, left unsealed the air around it will eventually alter the surface giving an oxidised and tarnished appearance.

Contents of Pack ...
- 6 (six) sheets of Gold Leaf (copper and zinc alloy composition) ... real metal with imitation gold colouring, comparable to the brilliance of 23KT gold. 
- 4 (four) jars of medium (one of each kind). Each jar is 7.4ml (.25 fl oz).
... brush-on adhesive, red basecoat, antiquing glaze, waterbased sealer.
- Instructions.

Gold Composition Leaf is an alloy and must be sealed to prevent oxidising from long air exposure. Left unsealed, the environment will eventually alter the surface giving an oxidised or tarnished appearance.