Nature's Single Dads - The Leafy Sea

Eliza James


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by EJ James

Illustrated Story in Verse

Gracefully swaying
without need for speed
Are creatures of beauty
disguised as seaweed.

A greyscale colouring book for adults with a story of the Leafy Sea Dragons that dwell in the Southern Ocean, on the coast of South Australia.

Perfect for all ages, this beautifully illustrated story of our Earth's gorgeous seadragons is fun to colour with pencils or paint with watercolours (not too much water though). Not suitable for markers.

Discover an underwater world while learning to add shadows and depth to your art.

This is the second illustrated storybook in the 'Nature's Single Dads' series by JE James.

Published: 2014 by EJs Books
Softcover, 32 pages
Dimensions: 19cm x 19cm x 3mm
ISBN: 9781312714908

Also available in full colour at