Prismacolor Premier Pencils - Accessory Kit - 7 Pieces



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Prismacolor Premier Pencil Accessory Kit ... 7 (seven) pieces.

This useful set includes essentials for using with drawing, sketching, colouring, tangling and doodling.

A clear blending pencil for smoothing lines, burnishing colours; an ebony (black) drawing pencil; pencil extender (for when they get too short but its our favourite so this helps get the most out of every colour); a clear felt tipped double ended marker for blending colours and blurring lines; grey putty eraser (Mum uses hers for lifting off graphite and smudging pencil); white eraser for deleting pencil marks; and 1 small metal pencil sharpener (portable size with a single hole).

Pack includes 1 of each :
- soft black graphite pencil
- clear blending pencil
- clear marker blender
- pencil lengthener
- basic sharpener
- grey kneaded eraser
- 'Design 2000' white eraser.

Made by Prismacolor.