Prismacolor Premier Verithin Colored Pencils - 36 Pack



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PrismaColor Verthin Pencils (36 pencil set) are professional artists' quality coloured pencils with high quality pigments. With their superior lightfastness qualities, your artwork and colouring will last a lifetime.

Perfect for fine details, illustrating, colouring, blending, layering colours, stippling, drawing, detailed patterns, and other markings. 

Colours are lightfast and blend with each other or using a blending pencil (sold separately). Beautiful clean colours with hard thin leads that provide a smooth, even laydown of pigment. The thin leads mean you can colour the tiniest of details without the pencils going blunt as fast as they can do with other pencils. It means less sharpening is needed giving more time for colouring! 

The 36 colours are...
Lemon Yellow
Canary Yellow
Spanish Orange
Golden Red
Pale Vermilion
Pumpkin Orange
Crimson Red
Process Red
Deco Pink
Light Peach
Dahlia Purple
Parma Violet
Violet Blue
True Blue
Cerulean Blue
Peacock Blue
Indigo Blue
Non-Photo Blue
Apple Green
True Green
Grass Green
Olive Green
Peacock Green
Tuscan Red
Dark Umber
Dark Brown
Warm Grey 20%
Cool Grey 70%

FYI :) You may have heard on the grapevine that the Verithins are fragile and break all the time BUT I've found them to be quite strong and don't break at all when I use a sharp sharpener - and sharpen gently but firmly!
As with all pencils, its best to not push a pencil into the barrel really hard, but hold firmly and turn both with even pressure. You waste less pencil that way too, as this way it only requires 2 to 3 turns to get a sharper point.

Includes 36 pencils in a convenient and reusable storage box that can also be used as workstation.
Box size: 210mm x 130mm x 23mm