Ranger Embossing Powder - Speckle Cotton Candy - 20g Jar



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Cotton Candy Speckle ... Embossing Powder by Ranger - Pink, 20g, multi-coloured powder with a melted finish resembling speckles and spots of pinks, golds and shimmery flecks.

Ranger Speckle Embossing Powder adds dimension and shine to your projects! Simply shake onto a freshly inked, stamped or painted surface and heat to melt the powder. Ideal for abstract art, cardmaking, mixed media, collage, visual arts of any kind!

Its best to use an embossing powder with a slow drying ink or medium. If its a fast drying, you won't have time to apply the powder before it dries. The ink or medium holds the powder in place until it is heat set.

The clear jar allows for ease of pouring or sprinkling, whichever you prefer to do. The 1.5" wide opening makes it easier to pour the excess back into the jar.

How to use...
- Apply ink or adhesive to your chosen area.
- Sprinkle or pour on the embossing powder before the ink dries.
- Shake off excess (if you wish).
- Use a heat tool to melt the powder.
- Leave to cool (only takes a minute).

To make it easier to pour excess powder into the jar, work over a sheet of clean dry paper that's been folded in half (giving you a crease to pour along).

Jar holds approx : 0.7 oz (20 grams).

Jar size : 38mm wide and 42mm high, clear plastic jar with a clear screw-top lid (43mm wide).
The look of the amount in the jar may vary because the weights of different colours vary. All powders and pigments may settle during transit.

Acid free and non-toxic.

Wording on the jar may vary as Ranger sometimes redesigns the label.