Ranger Stickles Glitter Gel - 1oz Jar - Any 1 Colour - NEW!



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Stickles Glitter Gel ... medium with a difference - by Ranger. 1 fl oz (29ml) jar in the colour of your choice.

Ranger's beautiful sparkly Stickles Glitter Gels are made of a smooth thick, tacky gel medium full of beautiful sparkly glitters and sequins. Add a layer of magical sparkle to your mixed media, cardmaking, scrapbooking, journaling, any visual arts project you're creating.

The gel dries almost invisible so once dry, leaving the holographic shimmery colours of glitters, flecks, stripes, stars and sequins on your project looking beautiful.

How to Order ...
Don't forget to send me a message with, before or after you order with your colour choices.
Copy and paste from the list (scroll down) to save typing.
Choosing colours this way saves so much time, rather than wander about a website looking for each one you have them all in one place and can see at a glance what is in stock :)
If you choose any out of stock, I'll let you know if there's a delay or not. Please let me know if you're happy to wait or choose a different colour. Thank you :)

Mix and Match or collect them all :
Colours not on the shelf are marked ... ^_^ out of stock - however, all the beautiful Stickles Glitter Gels are in stock including the new ones released in Feb 2022 :)

- Moon Dust ... iridescent, holographic glitters.
- Asteroid ... silver round sequins and glitters
- Nebula ... pale gold sparkles of stars and glitters.
- Supernova ... gold flecks and stars with glimmers of green flash.
- Solar Flare ... rich golden shimmery stars and glitters.
- Dark Matter ... black glitter with blue, pink and purple shimmery strips.
- Starshine ... yellow and iridescent glitters.
- Galaxy ... turquoise (blue-green) shimmer with hints of silver.
- Pegasus ... purple strips of glitter with pink and blue shimmery specks.
- Venus ... fuchsia pink glitters with silver stars and purple hues.
- Medusa ... fresh shimmery green with golden stars and iridescent tones.
- Aquarius ... deep blue of the ocean with stars and hint of pink sparkle.
- Mars ... red shimmery glitter with golden stars and flecks.

How to use Ranger Stickles Gel...
To use, apply the gel with a spatula, palette knife or silicon mixed media tool and spread it onto your surface gently, like spreading butter. 

Apply to the surface directly or blend through stencils and masks. Other ways to use the gel are with a finger, dabbing onto a project or with the tip of a spatula to apply to wings or flower centres ... or anywhere and everywhere you wish to add a splash of sparkly combination of glitters and or sequins.

The gel levels out, drying in a way that allows the glitters to adhere to the surface without the look of a messy adhesive. Quick drying (and permanent) on card, paper and porous surfaces. Let air dry or use gentle hot air with a heat tool.

Wipe off tools before washing so the glitters and sequins don't wash down the drain. Clean off the gel from tools before it dries with water, or if dried, use soap and water.

This package contains 1oz of glitter gel in a wide opening, sealed screw-top jar - in the colour of your choice. Jar is approx 41mm high x 39mm wide.
Non-toxic. Acid free.