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Scribe-All Multi Surface Pencils - Black and White plus Sharpener

Scribe-All Multi Surface Pencils - Black and White plus Sharpener

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Scribe-All Pencils, Black and White with FREE Handy Sized Sharpener ... by General's Pencil Co.

Scribe-All pencils are watersoluble and will mark on all surfaces, porous or non-porous, wet or dry. Use on paper, cardboard, chipboard, wood, glass, tile, clay, porcelain, stone, photographs, dried painted areas (acrylic, watercolour and oil), marble, acrylic, transparencies, acetate, plastic, vellum, fabrics, leather, and much more.

Brush with water to create watercolour effects or to blend shadows and highlights around collage elements in mixed media.

Both the black and white pencils are richly pigmented, with a dense opaque finish. Ideal for photo cropping, labelling and adding notes. Use the white to lighten areas in artwork, the black to add deep shadows. Use both for writing, drawing and doodling.

Pack contents : 1 black pencil, 1 white pencil, 1 small sharpener.
Size (approx) : 17.7cm (7") long, presharpened.

Non toxic, watersoluble, acid free. All surface pencils.

Pencil sharpener may vary in style and colour from the images.
Made by General Pencil Company, Inc. 

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