Sizzix Makers Tape - Removable Adhesive - 12mm wide - 2 Rolls



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Sizzix Maker's Tape - .5" (half inch, 1/2", approx 12mm) wide, each roll 6 metres long. Temporary, repositionable adhesive tape with gridlines marked.

A low tack temporary, removable tape is a useful tool to use in the craft room. Ideal to use as a temporary hold for die cutting templates to keep them still while running through your machine.

Each roll is 6 metres long, printed with grey gridlines to help keep your lines of text straight or as a guide.

To remove, pull back tape slowly.  It's ideal for anyone who die cuts, stencils or uses electronic cutters. May also be handy to use as a painter's tape, masking tape, holding down embellishments while they dry (sometimes they keep moving about until the glue holds).

Pack contains...
- 2 (two) rolls of low tack tape
- printed with gridlines for help with placement.
- each roll is 6 metre long, .5" wide (approx 12mm).

Made by Sizzix, Ellison Educational Equipment Inc.