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Sizzix - Sticky Grid Sheets - Medium - Temporary Adhesive - 5 Pieces

Sizzix - Sticky Grid Sheets - Medium - Temporary Adhesive - 5 Pieces

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Medium Sticky Grid Sheets - by Sizzix. Pack of 5 (five) pieces, each 6" x 8 1/2" (15.5cm x 22cm). Double sided low tack, temporary adhesive sheets. Reusable, versatile and long lasting.

Sizzix Sticky Grid Sheets are a double sided sheet with low tack temporary adhesive on each side. They are designed to hold die cutting templates like Thinlits and Framelits firmly in place, enabling you to cut out the same shape or word multiple times without the dies shifting while in use. Ideal to use for cutting out words, phrases, alphabets, small designs, large patterns with multiple pieces and lining up templates so you can cut with more precision.

Each sheet has a grid pattern or graph design over the whole surface. Each square of the graph is 1/4" x 1/4" printed in fine light grey lines, with each full inch being a thicker line. Numbers are around the edge of the sheet.

Being low tack, the temporary adhesive allows each sheet to be used multiple times and is strong enough to stick to your dies and Cutting Pad, but should not tear your paper. It remains attached to your cutting pads until you peel it off and there's no need to peel it off until the adhesive stops working. Use the included backing sheet to cover the sticky surface while being stored.

Sticky Grid Sheets are handy to use as a low tack tape for temporarily holding down elements, keeping stencils and masks still, using with stamping platforms. Use as a whole sheet or cut up using a paper punch, die cutting templates, craft knife or scissors. 

To Use with the Die Cutting Machine ... Simply peel and stick to one of your machine's Cutting Pads and use the gridlines to line up text, numbers and shapes. Cut out whole words at one or one letter at a time using the gridlines as a guide for placement. Cut out the same shape in the same place over and over... the Sticky Grid Sheet will keep your die template in place before, during and after you run it through the die cutting machine (also sold separately).

This package contains 5 (five) sheets, each 6" x 8 1/2" (15.5cm x 22cm).

Made by Sizzix (Ellison Educational Equipment Inc).

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