Sizzix Surfacez - Texture Roll - 6in wide - Cork



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Cork - Texture Roll Surfacez - by Sizzix ... durable and versatile cardstock with a natural cork finish, 6" wide, 48" long roll (15.24cm x 121.92cm). Heavyweight 210gsm (77.8lb). 

Sizzix Surfaces Cork Texture Roll is a fantastic substrate for adding the natural look and feel of cork to your makes. Surfaces Texture Roll Cardstock has the integrity of fabric, where you can crumble it up really tightly into a ball, then when unscrumpled, it is not torn or ripped, it is merrily rustic and wrinkled, like an unironed piece of material. The same is when it is sewn, embossed, die cut or altered, it is a fantastic to use!

Use this wonderfully feeling, thick durable versatile substrate for a wide variety of creations including cardmaking, scrapbooking, journaling, mixed media, sewing, paper sculpture and model making, making books, shaped boxes, containers, framing, giftboxes, die cut shapes and more.

Attach to your creation with a strong glue like Tim Holtz Distress Collage Medium, fabric adhesive, staples, sewing with threads or yarn, tacks, pins, brads, split pins, paperclips or other fasteners.

Pack contains a roll of Sizzix Surfacez ... 6" wide, 48" long (15.24cm x 121.92cm). Heavyweight 210gsm (77.8lb). 

Designed by Sizzix. Product no. 665922.