Strathmore - Watercolour Paper - Series 400 - 9x12 Block - 15 Sheets



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Watercolour Paper (series 400) - by Strathmore ... Large 9"x12" Block (gummed on 4 sides) - 15 Sheets of white cold press, textured watercolour paper.

The Watercolour 400 Series (Best) Paper by Strathmore is a very high quality watercolour paper that is beautiful to use. It is a heavy-weight paper with a cold press finish, perfect for wet media (water, paints, inks) techniques. It has a medium texture on the front, light texture on the back.

This paper is popular with watercolorists of all levels because of the fine and even washes that can be achieved. It also has a strong surface that will allow lifting and scraping applications. The natural white color and traditional cold press surface make it an ideal sheet for mastering watercolour techniques or for finished artwork.

This package contains one 12" x 9" inch paper block. A pad of 140lb acid free cold press paper - with gummed edges so it doesn't buckle when used with alot of water.

To split off a page from the paper block :
- Use a spatula or palette knife to cut the glue between the pages (on the edges) to lift off your finished artwork.
- There is a small gap along the long edge to start you off.
- You could also use a letter opener.
- Be careful not to cut the paper.
- Once you start splitting the glue, it should continue all around the page.

To use the paper:
- Paint while the paper is on the block or cut apart and use as separate pieces of paper.
- Leaving on the block saves the need to tape the paper down to your table (with masking tape or washi) and allows you to paint right to the edge.
- Wait until the artwork is totally dry before splitting from the block. Damp paper tears easily!
- Taping prevents the paper from buckling and curling when using water and watercolours. It encourages the paint to have an even coverage (without pooling in the centre or on the sides) and gives you a white border around the paper (great when framing).
- Paint, stamp, draw, colour, doodle, collage over your paper ... any technique you wish :) Have fun!

Block contains:
- 15 sheets high quality watercolour art paper
- cold press
- acid free
- heavyweight (300gsm,140lb)

Size: 9" x 12" (22.9cm x 30.5cm), 140lb (300gsm), 400 series (best).