Studio Light Mixed Media Clear Stamp - Steampunk Lady

Studio Light


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Steampunk Lady ... by Studio Light - a clear stamp for art, papercraft and mixed media.

This high quality, clear stamp is of a Steampunk styled woman, designed with fine lines and intricate details. The picture shown is of the design, the stamp is clear acrylic, therefore see-through :) Makes it much easier to see where you're printing.

This lady, maiden, woman, girl, damsel but definitely not a damsel in distress, is a strong and independant woman of the world! She is superbly styled wearing a corset with bustle, knee length boots, striped stockings, a top hat with feathers and goggles, has long flowing hair and holds a mechanical walking stick.

Steampunk is a bold, modern yet vintage style often featuring machinery, clocks and other time pieces, cogs, steel, steam engines and other industrialised and unique elements. Its a fun imaginative style... enjoy using it in your art!

Use with inks or paints on any surface you wish ... paper, card, journals, aprons, canvas, thickboard tags or scrapbook page. Art has no rules, its all about creativity and fun.

Stamp size (approx) : 14cm x 7.5cm.

To use...
Clear acrylic stamps are self-clinging (they have no foam backing). Simply place on an acrylic stamping block or stamp platform (each sold separately). Apply ink using an inkpad (also called a stamp pad) and press, print onto your surface.

To use paint with your stamps, use either a roller (brayer) or foam blending tool (foam applicator) to apply the paint to the stamp then press, print onto your surface. Wash straight after using so the paint doesn't dry onto your stamps.

Wash clear stamps with soap and water. Solvent cleaners may deteriorate your stamps so if using a commercial stamp cleaner, use sparingly.

This pack contains 1 (one) stamp on a clear backing sheet for storage.
Packaging size : 19cm x 11cm.

Product id : stampmm245