Studio Light Mixed Media Foam Stamp - Rainbow Designs - Berries

Studio Light

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Berries ... by Rainbow Designs - 1 (one) foam stamp for art, papercraft and mixed media. 

The 'Berries' foam stamp looks like a small tree or shrub. Could also look like stalks of flowers, veins or coral, depending upon your point of view! A fun design to use for many things, versatile enough for backgrounds (adding interest or texture) and using as a featured part of your art.

Foam stamps are made of a very dense sturdy, high quality black foam. The thicker design makes it easy to hold as you print. Use with paints, inks, gesso, mediums, rollers, blending tools, gel plates (mono printing), clay (great for imprinting) and other fun creative projects.

Stamp size (approx) 7cm x 7.5cm, 2cm thick.
... the grey and black image is to show the design.
... the stamp itself is all black.
... the image is deeply etched (1-2mm deep) into the foam, which means you print only the design, not the excess around it.
Product no. : foammb01.

"Cats & Girls" is a series of stamps and stencils by Miranda van den Bosch (Rainbow Designs), who has teamed up with Studio Light to create this purrfect addition to your papercraft collection.

To use...
Apply ink using an inkpad (also called a stamp pad) and press onto your project. To use paint with your stamps, use either a roller (brayer) or foam blending tool (foam applicator) to apply the paint to the stamp then press, print onto your surface. Another way is to press the stamp into the wet paint or texture paste on your project. Wash straight away so the mediums don't dry on your stamps.

Wash foam stamps with soap and water. Solvent cleaners may deteriorate your stamps. Some inks or paints may stain (most of us don't worry about this), so if you wish to clean them completely, I recommend a mild cleaner "Masters' Brush Cleaner" or "Masters' Artist Soap" (also available at Art by Jenny).

This pack contains 1 (one) thick foam stamp.
Packaging size : 13cm x 12cm.