Studio Light - Rainbow Designs Stamp Set - Cats and Girls - Meow

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Meow ... by Rainbow Designs - 10 clear stamps.

This set of high quality, clear acrylic stamps features detailed images drawn in fine lines with intricate details. The stamps include cats (lying and sitting), cat head, flower, butterflies and the words cat, meow and whiskers using mix of font styles.

Use with inks or paints on any surface you wish ... journals, planners, paper, aprons, canvas, thickboard tags - anything at all. 

Stamp size guide (approx) :
- Cat with Butterfly and Flower (top right) ... 10cm x 6.5cm
... the cats' heads are similar size so you can mix and match to your heart's content :)
Product no. : stampmb04

This pack contains 10 (ten) stamps on a clear A5 sized backing sheet for storage.
Packaging size : 26cm x 15.5cm.

"Cats & Girls" is a series of stamps and stencils by Miranda van den Bosch (Rainbow Designs), who has teamed up with Studio Light to create this purrfect addition to your papercraft collection.

To use...
Clear acrylic stamps are self-clinging (they have no foam backing). Simply place on an acrylic stamping block or stamp platform (each sold separately). Apply ink using an inkpad (also called a stamp pad) or watercolour markers and print onto your surface.

Wash clear stamps with soap and water. Solvent cleaners may deteriorate your stamps. Some inks or paints may stain (most of us don't worry about this), so if you wish to clean them completely, I recommend "Masters' Brush Cleaner" or "Masters' Artist Soap" (also available at Art by Jenny).