The Masters Clean Up Kit - Ink Paint and Stain Remover Duo

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The Masters Artist Ink, Paint and Stain Remover Clean Up Kit - 2 Piece Set ... 1 Hand Soap and 1 Kiss-Off Stain Remover - Just add water! No need to use harsh chemicals and thinners.

Hand Soap is a Small Portable Size fresh smelling soap, ideal for Travelling and Studios, approx 40g (1.4oz), 2.75" x 1.75" x .5".

Kiss-Off Stain Remover is an Ink, Paint and Stain Remover for fabrics, carpets, surfaces, white boards and other porous surfaces. 20g (7oz) solid soap in a roll up cannister that is 3 3/4" long.

About the Cleansers...
The Hand Soap (also available separately in 2 sizes) is not just any old soap - this cleanser by The Masters is formulated purely for artists to remove paint from  brushes and hands as well as safe to use for stamps, stencils and craft sponges. It is a grey-green coloured with an amazing fresh smell. An excellent all purpose cleanser that removes paint, stain, ink, dye and grease from hands, stencils, stamps, fabrics.

It contains no lanolin, no harsh thinners, is non-flammable and safe for all brush types, natural and synthetic. The B&J formula is non-abrasive yet effectively removes acrylic and oil paints, dyes and archival inks plus other things like pen ink, oil, inks, dyes, grass stains, some glues, grease and grime. It even works on some fabrics (always test first).

Perfect for cleaning up after painting, crafting, gardening or working on the car. Specially formulated, this soap makes cleanup safe and easy while keeping your hands soft and fresh smelling.

The Kiss-Off Stain Remover is a solid stick of white cleanser that only needs water to work its magic. It works on fabrics, carpets, surfaces and whiteboards to remove inks, stains, paints, blood, makeup, grass stains, wet and dry oil paint, lipstick and grease.

To use the Kiss-Off Stain Remover : Twist the base of the cleaner to reveal the cleansing stick. Wet stain with water. Gently rub the cleanser over the stain. Rinse with water.

When cleaning fabrics and textiles, always check before use, for colour fastness on a small area that does not show.

Non-toxic. For external use only.

This pack contains one 1.4oz (approx 40g) bar of soap and one 7oz canister of stain remover.

Disclaimer : The pack states that Kiss-Off will not remove every single stain off every single surface... not many cleansers will, but the little bar of soap in this pack does an awfully good job with almost everything!