Tim Holtz Acrylic Design Ruler with Steel Edge - 12in Long

Tim Holtz - Tonic Studios


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Tim Holtz Design Ruler - Idea-Ology Tool ... Clear Acrylic Guide with Steel Edge, Gridlines, Centre Mark and Evenly Spaced Holes.

Tim's clear acrylic ruler features a grid background for perfect placement, a center measuring guide, a straight edge for drawing lines, a metal edge for cutting and evenly spaced holes for paper piercing.

An essential item in any studio, craft room, office or classroom, this clear acrylic ruler is designed by Tim Holtz and made by Tonic Studio.

It features an easy to read, useful grid over the whole surface of the ruler, spaced in quarter inch increments with numbers clearly marked. The centre mark makes finding the middle easy on any project, while the gridlines work as a guide for keeping parallel and spaces even.

There is a metal edge along one side that helps make cutting with a craft knife or quilting roller simple and safe. A metal edge on a ruler helps stop craft knives from slipping up onto the top of the ruler, and .

Along one edge is a row of holes evenly spaced in 1/8" increments for drawing techniques, paper piecing or sewing.

The Tim Holtz Ruler measures 12 inches long and is 1 1/2 inches wide.