Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink Air Blower - Back Soon!

Tim Holtz


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Air Blower ... Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink - convenient handheld tool for manipulating airflow for inks and paints. 

Note on Availability ... all being well, this groovy useful tool will be back again in May (which is only next month). Watch this space or ask to be notified of news. Sing out if you have questions :) Be well and stay crafty!

The Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink Air Blower is a convenient hand held tool for blending and moving alcohol ink while creating artwork. Use to disperse Ranger's Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks (not included) and other liquid inks, paints, spray inks on paper and other surfaces.

To use, you squeeze the soft, easy to hold, black rubber bulb to pump the airflow as fast or as slow as you require to adjust the amount of air and its pressure. No batteries required.

Size : 2 1/2" wide x 7 1/4" long from end to tip.

Pack contains 1 ink air blower.