Tim Holtz Distress - Bundle no.6 - Prize Ribbon - NEW!

Tim Holtz - Distress


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Prize Ribbon "Love it all" Distress Bundle ... Colour no.6 is a stunning blue - This is a Pack of 9 (nine) Distress inks, sprays, oxides, glazes and other essentials including a FREE Enamel Pin. 

This stunning blue inspired by first place ribbons has been made into most of the Distress items and is available to buy as this bundle or individually as well ... click here to see and buy one at a time.

Stock Update ... Our delivery of inks, sprays, glazes and all other treasures has arrived! A few have asked about the Distress Crayons, but its not been announced yet, but we're sure to get them one day.
I'm happy to help if you have questions :) Thank you! Stay safe, be crafty and have a Happy day! :) Jenny

This bundle includes these 9 treasures (one of each) in blue Prized Ribbon...
- Distress Ink Pad (3"x3")
- Distress Ink Re-inker
- Oxide® Pad (3"x3")
- Oxide® Re-inker
- Embossing Glaze
- Distress Spray Stain
- Oxide® Spray
- Distress Paint with Flip Top Lid
- a FREE Enamel Collector's Pin ... in 'Prized Ribbon' :)

··· Download colour charts and swatch sheets here ···

A little bit of history about this latest collection of colourful Distress...
Its been 16 years since Tim Holtz and Ranger first developed the Distress Ink Range and it has grown to include a wide variety of useful and beautiful essential art supplies. Five years ago we met the beautiful Twisted Citron and its friends as they released 12 more colours. Time has certainly flown :)

So in May 2020, Ranger and Tim started releasing a whole new series of 12 wonderful vintage inspired colours, introducing them to us one at a time throughout 2020 and 2021, giving us time to get to know each colour in between each release. 

Colour no.1 ... Speckled Egg, pale shabby egg blue - announced May 2020, the first Mystery Distress Colour is a pretty shabby blue called 'Speckled Egg'. Versatile as well as beautiful, plays well with all the Distress treasures.

Colour no.2 ... Crackling Campfire - announced by Tim Holtz on 26th August 2020 (US time, so really early in the morning on 27th over here in Oz). There are millions of colours in a rainbow to choose from and he has chosen a gorgeous dark rustic red-orange.

Color no.3 ... Rustic Wilderness, a wild dark green. Earthy and greeeeeen. I love green! Was announced 10th November 2020. Plus we got Crayons too! Set no.11 includes the first 3 colours. Yay :)

Color no.4 ... Kitsch Flamingo, pretty in pink - announced 1st Feb 2021. You'll be tickled pink when you meet this beautiful bundle of joy :)

Colour no.5 ... Salvaged Patina, such a beautiful blue-greeny colour - announced very early in the morning on Anzac Day 2021.

Colour no.6 ... Prize Ribbon, a stunning mid blue, announced 17th July 2021.

Colour no.7 ... still a mystery! Being announced one day, sometime in the future. :) lol - Watch this space!

Thanks to Ranger for the lend of their useful Distressed Images!