Tim Holtz Distress Collage Medium - White Grit Paste - 113ml

Tim Holtz - Distress


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This unique white gel has a gritty texture that feels like sand. This dimensional mixed media gel dries hard with a white semi-opaque colour, while keeping all of its shape and retaining the sandy texture. There appears to be no shrinkage. Dries matte (no shine).

Use with a palette knife or old paint brush directly onto your surface. Mix your dyes or paints into the paste before you spread the gel or paint over the gel after it dries.

The second photo I've uploaded shows the dried Grit Paste over Distress stains (mermaid and peacock with lemonade, eg blue, turquoise and light yellow).

A versatile dimensional medium designed to provide a textured effect on a variety of craft and mixed-media surfaces. Dries to a white, sandy textured matte finish - easily painted, coloured or stained with your favourite watercolours and Distress Inks, Crayons, Paint and Stain.

Acid free and non-toxic. Jar or tub size: 113ml (3.8oz)