Tim Holtz Distress Medium - Crackle Paint - Gloss Rock Candy - 3oz 88ml Jar - NEW!

Tim Holtz - Distress


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Rock Candy Crackle Paint - Tim Holtz Distress Medium (dries clear, smooth, textured, shiny with fine cracks) - 3fl oz (88ml) jar. Made by Ranger.

Tim Holtz Distress Rock Candy Crackle Paint is a unique one-step clear paint that cracks as it dries. It is smooth, runny and clear - dries to a shiny non-flexible, clear, glossy finish that is smooth and broken up with cracks and crazing.

For best effects, use in thinly with applications and let air dry naturally. Use on porous surfaces like cardstock, paper, artboard, Etcetera tags or wood. Dries transparent and glossy, with a crackling crazing effect.

A fantastic medium for creating crackling effects on all kinds of arts and crafts makes, collage, journaling, scrapbooking and mixed media projects.

Apply thinly with a paintbrush, spatula, palette knife or silicon art tool. Use with stencils for defined shapes and textures or apply freely.
Don't work the gel too much and thicker application doesn't necessarily give you wider cracks. Effects vary depending upon surface used, environment and application.

Clean up all tools and accessories with soap and water before it dries. 

Acid free and non-toxic. Jar or tub size: 88ml (3oz). Also available, sold separately in a larger 4oz (113ml) jar while stocks last.