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Tim Holtz - Distress


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Colour no.3 ... Bundle of Distress Treasures - Tim Holtz Distress colour no.3 is beautiful dark green... Rustic Wilderness.

This bundle includes 8 (eight) Distress products plus a FREE Enamel Pin. Made by Ranger, designed by Tim, loved by the world :)

All of the new Distress items are available to buy individually as well ... click here to buy one at a time... - all are in stock except this new one which will be here one day soon!

PreOrder Advice ... Rustic Wilderness, a beautiful green is hopefully landing later this month. Announced on 11th Nov and this time we'll have Distress Crayons as well, sold separately in a pack if 3 :) Delivery will be sometime in the future - either late November, mid December or in January. Watch this space or buy in advance - whichever you wish!

I'm always here to help if you have questions :) Thank you! Be safe and have a Happy Arty Day! :) Jenny

This bundle includes these 9 treasures (one of each) in Rustic Wilderness, the November 2020 Distress Colour...
- Distress Ink Pad (3"x3")
- Distress Ink Re-inker
- Oxide® Pad (3"x3")
- Oxide® Re-inker
- Embossing Glaze
- Distress Spray Stain
- Oxide® Spray
- Distress Paint with Flip Top Lid
- a FREE Enamel Collector's Pin

··· Download colour charts and swatch sheets here ···

Its been 16 years since Tim and Ranger first developed the Distress Ink Range and it has grown to include a wide variety of useful and beautiful essential art supplies. Five years ago we met the beautiful Twisted Citron and its friends as they released 12 more colours. Time has certainly flown :)

In May 2020, Ranger and Tim started releasing a whole new series of 12 wonderful vintage inspired colours, introducing them to us one at a time throughout 2020 and 2021, giving us time to get to know each colour in between each release. May's Mystery Distress Colour is a pretty shabby blue called 'Speckled Egg' (also available, sold separately).

Colour no.2 was announced by Tim Holtz on 26th August 2020 (US time, so really early in the morning on 27th over here in Oz). There are millions of colours in a rainbow to choose from and he has chosen a gorgeous dark rustic Orange.

Color no.3 ... Announced 10th-11th November 2020 :) Plus Crayons! Yay :)

Colour no.4 ... hmmmm. we'll have to wait and see!

Later on if we're lucky, Ranger and Tim might release all the new colours throughout the whole Distress range ...
- Mini Ink Pads (when we have 4 new colours)
- Watersoluble Aquarelle Distress Crayons
then maybe hopefully wishful thinking...
- Archival Ink Pad in Mini
- Archival Re-inker
... this is basically a wish list until it is confirmed by Ranger :) Its good to dream big!

Ranger's Announcement on 2nd May 2020 ... (left here for historical purposes)
Ranger and Tim Holtz are very excited to announce more Distress colors to love! It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since Ranger added new colors of Distress, but we’re back with more vintage inspired colors. These new Distress colors will be available in 8 different Distress products - Ink Pad, Ink Re-inker, Oxide® Pad, Oxide® Re-inker, Embossing Glaze, Spray Stain, Oxide® Spray, Flip Top Paint all open stock, plus a NEW Enamel Collector Pin!  We’re looking forward to sharing in the excitement with this colorful approach to delivering new Distress products throughout the year.

Thanks to Ranger for the lend of their useful Distressed Images!