Tim Holtz Idea-Ology Halloween 2020 - Layers - 28 Pieces

Tim Holtz


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Halloween Layers ... by Tim Holtz - a curated collection of salvaged elements to add as layers and embellishments for arts and crafts.

This new collection of designs on sturdy smooth cardstock - includes so many interesting and curious shapes (moon face, curtains, owl, people, eyeballs and more) to collect, share, keep and use in your next papercraft project.

Check out the two half faces, one as a skull - they match in size and shape so would be perfect for one of those days when you're fab on the outside, worn out on the inside! The chart is one my son would understand ... its all sciency with formulas and codes for the different elements (periodic table? sounds right) plus has geometric icons and other interesting features. The curtains are stunning, thick draping velvet by the looks! What can I say about the moon? Its a full moon with a big smile!

Designs vary with some wicked, some intriguing, others beautiful...  a spooktacular collection to behold.

Designs printed on high quality, archival, acid free paper.

Pack contains 28 pieces.
Images are a representation only. Designs within the pack may vary from the photos.

Package size approx 5"x7".

Designed by Tim Holtz as part of his Idea-Ology range.

FYI, Halloween Idea-Ology arty treasures are a Limited Edition, Seasonal product that is often not available to buy all year round.