Tim Holtz Idea-Ology Halloween 2020 - Vellum Haunts - NEW!

Tim Holtz


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Halloween Vellum Haunts ... by Tim Holtz - an assortment of transparent haunted scenes, vintage posters and nostalgic images.

This pack has 18 different scenes and images printed on a smooth vellum, a semi transparent substrate. Designs include posters, eye chart, portraits and landscapes.

Layer or adhere to your project, off-the-page marvel, greeting card, canvas or other artistic creation.  Use a matte medium, collage medium or multi-gel medium to adhere to a surface. Using tape or glue stick doesn't work as well.

Note from Jenny ... I found out the other day something interesting... when these Vellum prints are on their own, they appear quite dark unless held up to the light - BUT when I used matte medium to glue the whole sheet down, the picture came alive (not alive like in Harry Potter, lol), the colours are vibrant and the details are all visible. Weird but very clever how this works... want a sample? ask :)

Pack contains 18 images.

Package size approx : 4 1/5" x 9".

Designed by Tim Holtz as part of his Idea-Ology range.

FYI, Halloween Idea-Ology arty treasures are a Limited Edition, Seasonal product that is often not available to buy all year round.