Tim Holtz Idea-Ology - Resin Confections - Black and White - 20 Pieces

Tim Holtz


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Confections - by Tim Holtz Idea-Ology, Halloween ... miniature resin candies used for decoration, assemblage or party decor. 20 (twenty) black and white pieces in sticks and rounds.

This packet contains 20 (twenty) faux sweets - they're black, so to me they're humbug or aniseed flavoured ... but they are NOT edible! Decoration only :)

Candy style...
- 10 long cylindrical sticks, each 3-4mm wide and 37mm long. The black and white stripes wind down the sticks.
- 10 round short squat discs are 5mm deep and 8mm wide. The black and white pattern spirals out from the centre.

Create an ornament or decorative display, store in a pumpkin basket or cauldron, use to layer in your journal or scrapbook page, make a Christmas card, or use this arty treasure for any other visual arts project you can dream up - Have fun!

Attach using Tim Holtz Distress Collage Medium, adhesive, push into texture paste, leave loose in a jar.

Sizes (approx) : 3/4" wide (1/8" deep) round lollies, 1 1/2" long sticks.
Pack contains : 20 pieces (10 of each).

Designed by Tim Holtz as part of his Idea-Ology range. Made by Advantus Corp.