Tim Holtz Idea-Ology - Metal Adornments - Gate - 2 Pieces

Tim Holtz


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Metal Gates ... Idea-Ology by Tim Holtz - 2 (two) metal embellishments for mixed media, off-the-page masterpieces, scrapbooking and other arty projects.

Beautifully made, these thin metal gates or fences are made to adorn vignette boxes, trays or panels. The design is inspired by garden edging, looking like picket fence but shaped with wire not panels of wood (see pic, it will explain what I mean!). Fantastic to use all year round!

Create a haunting scene with these vintage gates for Halloween, or grow a paper or stamped garden over their frame - add holly, poinsettia and mistletoe for Christmas, wisteria, wild roses or daisies for birthdays.

Imagine these as part of a beautiful garden or window box, a basket for a hot air balloon, fun birthday card with balloons tied to the railings... so many ideas, so little time! Have fun!

Use with a Tim Holtz Vignette Box, in card marking or mixed media. Adhere to anything including frames, cards, books, party invitations, home decor and more!

This package contains 2 metal gates measuring 1.25 x 3 inches each.