Tim Holtz Layering Mini Stencil - Set 40 - Shifters Burst Hex Plus

Tim Holtz


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Shifter Burst - Shifter Hex - Shifter Plus ... Set no. 40 - Tim Holtz mini layering stencils, set of 3. 

Shifter Stencils Burst, Hex and Plus are art stencils designed by Tim Holtz featuring uniform patterns that create multiple layers simply by lining up each shape. Hex is hexagons (honeycomb), Burst is 4-pointed stars (squares with curved sides) and Plus is a cross.

Shifter Stencils are a fantastic way to create repeat patterns over small or large areas. The designs can be repeated in any direction to create a seamless pattern.

This is a set of 3 (three) Tim Holtz layering stencils, featuring designs that are also available in a larger size (sold separately).

This size stencil is a perfect fit for every day creativity. Use for holiday and travel diaries, art journaling, mixed media, cardmaking, scrapbooking, ATCs, tags, papercrafts, visual arts, any crafts at all.

How to use Shifter Stencils...
- Blend colour or mediums through the stencil.
- Lift off the stencil and wipe away excess if necessary.
- Once the artwork is dry, slide the stencil across, up or down, line up your artwork with the etched outlines on the stencil.
- The etched outlines are a guide for the shifting pattern.
- Have a play with direction, colours and mediums.
- Try a contrasting colour for dramatic effect.
- Have fun creating wonderful patterns in your cards and other artwork!

Create layers of colour, texture and add interest to backgrounds and shapes. Suitable for a wide variety of art supplies including paints, markers, gesso, texture and embossing pastes, gel mediums and more. Use with blending foam tools, blending brushes, paintbrushes, brayers, rollers, spatulas and palette knives. Trace in and around the design using pencils or pens. Rub watersoluble crayon over the pattern. Scrape texture paste through the design to create dimensional layers. Have fun!

Tim Holtz Layering Stencils are made of a creamy coloured, fine, semi-translucent plastic. Stencils are fantastic versatile tools that are easy to use.

Designed by Tim Holtz and made by Stampers Anonymous. The simple tag shape makes it easy to organise, find the one you want when stored using a ring clip or length of ribbon threaded through the hole.

Each stencil is 8cm x 16cm with a design space of approx 6cm x 12.5cm.
Pack of 3.