Tim Holtz - Tonic Studios - Mini Rotary Perforator

Tim Holtz - Tonic Studios


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Mini Hand-held Rotary Perforator Cutter ... Tim Holtz and Tonic Studios - Compact, sharp, safe and convenient craft tool that cuts smoothly in a dashed single line, any direction you choose. 1 (one) tool. Folds closed for safe storage.

This hand held perforator by Tim Holtz, is perfect to use with paper and cardstock, cutting dashed lines everywhere you roll it. No batteries required!

Use it to cut dashed stitchlines, dashed borders and make perforations on a page. Press very lightly for embossed markings, or use as intended to cut perforated lines - you could thread yarn or twine through the holes too.

There is a small circular wheel (18mm across) with very sharp blades inside the tool (so be careful). This part of the perforator folds away for easy and safe storage.

Folded, this useful little tool measures only 1 1/4" x 2" x 3/8" so doesn't take up much room in your travelling craft kit or on your studio table.

It features a moulded plastic loop for adding a keychain or hanging on a hook or pegboard. 

Made by Tonic Studios for Tim Holtz.