Tim Holtz Stamp Platform - Watch this Space - June or July 2017

Tim Holtz Tonic Studios


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Please note: The delivery of this groovy gadget has been delayed.

There is a worldwide delay on the launch of Tim's new platform of 6-8 weeks - so it looks like it will be June or July before we see this arrive in Australia. Read more here

I'll keep you up to date with any news, updates or anything else I find out.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. I hope you'll continue to wait with me!

This clever gadget helps make stamping multiple cards and precision application so much easier.

No need for holding or taping down the card so it doesn't move while you rummage around trying to line up the stamp and acrylic block.

Works with all cling rubber stamps - red, grey or clear, old or new :)

Those two little round things in the photos are magnets... these are to keep your card still while you stamp.

Working platform size is approx 8.5 inches (21cm) square... looking at the photo, the increments are the same as the ruler (sold separately)... in quarter inches with inches marked on the sides.

Fantastic news - The measurements are in centimetres AND inches! Yay :)

An innovative surface for precision stamping with Rubber and Clear stamps.  Take your stamping to the next level with the Tim Holtz Stamp Platform. Designed to perfectly accommodate both clear and rubber stamps – and engineered to ensure an accurate even contact every time – the Tim Holtz Stamp Platform is a must have for any creative stamper!

Highly durable, the Tim Holtz Stamp Platform is perfect for crafters attending classes or clubs or anyone requiring a tool for extensive stamping.

8.5 x 8.5 inch top and side ruler - marked in both imperial and metric measurements accurately placing stamps at specific intervals couldn’t be easier.

1 x sturdy magnetic base plate with dual side and top measuring rulers

1 x clear dual thickness, metal hinged stamping plate. Each side is marked to show the thickness of stamp that should be used. Use one side for clear stamps and the other for rubber stamps. Ensures a perfect, even contact between stamp and medium.

2 x high strength magnets used to clamp the medium in place when stamping.

Size: 29.2cm (11.5in) x 24.3cm (9.5in).

Msg me if you have questions :) Have a happy day! Jenny