Tim Holtz Stamp Platform Accessory - Replacement Magnets

Tim Holtz - Tonic Studios


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The 2 round magnets in this pack are design for use with the Tim Holtz Stamp Platform (sold separately).

Care should be taken with usage and storage because they are super strong. Each is approx 17mm in diameter, 2mm thick.

Useful Tips...
- A little metal ruler (eg 15mm wide, 15cm long) is handy for storing and also for holding the magnets apart from each other during use. It helps stop them from snapping back together (usually with our fingers in the way!).
- Add tape masking tape or washi to the magnets leaving a tag, making them easier to pick up.
- the main difference (apart from their shape) between these magnets and the decorative ones for the fridge is their strength. These are very strong :)

This package contains two high magnetic strength neodymium magnets.

WARNING: Neodymium magnets are very brittle. Handle with care to avoid personal injury and damage to magnets. Choking and pinching hazard. Keep away from children. Strong magnets can be harmful to pacemakers.